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We understand the countless challenges, hassles, and administrative expenses faced with medical billing, and we are dedicated in reducing those costs. Cergis Billing is a billing and collection company committed to optimizing reimbursement for medical practices. Our clients will become more efficient and save money by out-sourcing their medical billing to an experienced and proven reimbursement service. As a result, our clients will reduce administrative cost, improve office efficiency, and increase cash flow. 

What can Cergis Billing do for you?

We are highly successful in increasing revenue while decreasing the days in collection by utilizing the follow processes:

  • Specialized collectors with assigned accounts
  • Electronic Submission of claims
  • Reimbursement Analysis
  • Managed care contract Analysis
  • Appeals filed on any denials for medical necessity or referral requirements
  • Streamline processes for quicker turnaround time on billing
  • Thorough Analysis of all refund requests, including insurance appeals
  • Current with Insurance Regulation and Coding in order to expedite timely payment on claims
  • Monitor Fee schedules on managed care contracts
  • Thorough follow up on ALL denials

Your business is to provide outstanding healthcare, our business is to provide outstanding medical billing.

Tel: 972-479-1115 . Toll Free: 1-877-752-7045 . customrelations@cergisbilling.com
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